Poor Boy Meets Rich Taste

Jeremy Nowell

A Fashion fanatic entranced by the styles of yesterday’s looks.  I’m a window shopping extraordinaire,  making thrifted items into a fashionable ensemble more fit for a runway.  There is an unspoken rule that people have problems defining, accepting and realizing who they are, however, I am the exception.

Fashion is a way to express myself and escape from the suffocating pint-sized box that everyone seems to be trapped in. It wasn’t until college that I started to really understand the power of fashion. The ability to turn heads the moment you walk into a room. It is empowering once you understand style, the process is infinitely enjoyable. I truly believe that finding and embracing your unique style is priceless.

Sometimes my life can seem as chaotic as keeping up with Lindsay Lohan’s criminal record, but all my problems seem to go away when I’m Pushing through the crisp white door of my favorite clothing store, as the cool chill of air  hits me; my desires for instant gratification is met as I delve further into the store whisking through aisles containing  countless designers hard work.

My wallet begins to  suffocate as I throw another item into a cart that is now as full as a pregnant woman’s belly. This feeling can only be described as invigorating, my eyes follow the colors, shapes and styles the displays offer. This is fashion. This is me. In a lot of ways I consider myself the male equivalent of Sarah Jessica Parker. Fashionable, charming, poor with rich taste and figuring out this thing called love in a city of normalcy.

I’m 22-years-young majoring in journalism and trying to break into the fashion industry the best I know how. Follow me on this journey as I go through everyday life, problems, and successes all while looking good doing it.


Poor Boy

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