Casual Wear For A College Kid’s Affair

newThe bad news is time flies. The good news is your’e the pilot and as the pilot of my plane, I’m basking in the moments leading up to my senior year finals next week…I keep telling myself to inhale and breathe, but I just can’t believe that I am getting ready to graduate in just a few days.

But enough about that and lets get back on the subject of finals! Twas the week before finals, and all through the town. Not a student was drinking, not a frat made a sound. Rare? yes it is, but it’s definitely the truth. Students are camped out in libraries and walking around like zombies in outfits that Joan Rivers would cry about.

It doesn’t matter if the dreadful scent of studying is in the air because there is no reason why students should dress in attire they go to sleep in. Here is a photo (above) of what I wore to class. The grey/pink over-sized tank top was brought from JC Penny’s on sale for $3 a couple months ago when it was still cold outside. I paired this with a grey blazer purchased from the thrift store for $5, some dark blue jean denims from Rue 21 for $7 and grey kombat boots purchased from Forever 21 for $50.

It’s not the amount of money you spend but how you wear it that counts. The key is often to dress up inexpensive basics with accessories.

No matter how you feel, get up, dress up and show up.


Poor Boy, Rich Taste

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