Sweater Galore!

Jeremy Nowell

Whether it’s stylish, cozy or swanky  sweaters, a good sweater never goes out of style!

Check out this outfit (pictured above), I’m rocking an over-sized 90’s inspired sweater that I purchased from the thrift store for $1.50. The brown parachute pants were also purchased from a thrift for $2.00. I paired these items with $75 black kombat Levi boots and a neutral colored scarf.

Despite it being almost Summer, it’s been pretty chilly lately. So, this week was all about the scarf & sweaters to keep me warm during these frrrrrreezing weather days, but still remaining fashionable while doing so.

What’s your favorite kind of sweater to wear?

Fashion Rules? Forget About Em’

Jeremy Nowell

The best thing about fashion is that it is your own!

I once doubted the clothes I wore because not everyone approved of them. It wasn’t until I learned that my fashion choices are not suited for everyone and that I can’t be put into some one else’s idea of what fashion is because that would mean I’d be wearing baggy jeans, big over-priced T-shirts and other hideous belongings that they felt was appropriate.

Simply put, don’t let anyone dictate your look because then you lose what made the outfit stand out anyways and that’s YOU!

Spring into Style!

Jeremy Nowell

Ever had to go make a quick run, but didn’t want to dress completely down out of hopes that you might run into Mr. or Mrs. Right? well, the solution to this could be dressing up a simple look with cool accessories, boots, glasses and jewelry.

In this outfit (pictured above), I’m rocking a thrift store sweater with Rue 21 jeans, Forever 21 boots, assorted jewelry and a Forever 21 scarf.

I have found that their are basic items every person needs handy in their closet to dress themselves up. These staple items can be pulled together to create a polished look in no time. You don’t even need a personal fashion consultant to pull off these looks or a lot of money!

Follow these 3 tips for your statement of style:

  • A good fitting pair of dark washed denim jeans. This a definite item for your wardrobe because of its versatility. Additionally, dark fitted jeans slenderize a person’s shape and can make almost anything look more sleek.
  •  Scarfs are back, and your wardrobe needs a few. Look for uniquely shaped scarfs or scarfs with color or interesting patterns because they can give any simple outfit pep instantly.
  • Mix and Match clothes. Outfits don’t have to be worn together, just because they were bought as a set. Mix things up a bit. For instance your dark jeans with a short suit jacket.

You don’t have to break the bank to make an outfit look spectacular. Remember, fashion is only as fun as you make it!