Don’t Let The Weather Cloud your Sunshine!


Some summer weather we’re having, right?…

I always said that my fashion doesn’t change for the weather, but that the weather changes for it! It seems like every time I turn around it’s either raining or unbearably cloudy outside. Today, I was determined not to let the moody weather affect my wardrobe choices.

I rocked the streets in some Forever 21 yellow skinny jeans ($21), some Rue 21 strawberry red shoes (on sale for $7), a yellow short-sleeved button-up from the thrift store ($4) and lastly a multi-colored plaid blazer also from the thrift store ($2).

I really feel like these bright colors highlighted my bright personality and gave me a overall fresh look! Do you want my advice on wearing bright colors?

  • See which colors bring out your features
  • Think twice. If you don’t want to catch attention, never opt for major color. So if you opt for colors, then you better bring the confidence because all eyes will be on you.
  • Choose accessories that will not overdo the outfit. Go for accessories that help to tone down the brightness of colors.

In a world with endless possibilities, why limit your wardrobe to just bland colors?