Color Me Bad!

Jeremy Nowell

Jeremy Nowell

A little color never hurt nobody!

This is an outfit that I wore to the Duvall Fashion show about two weeks ago. The compliments I received were a bit overwhelming because when it comes to my fashion, I’m my own biggest critic, but hey, if you like it, then I love it!

What’s interesting about this outfit is that it’s proof that you can take any dull item and turn them into something else. The shorts that you see above are actually pants that I tucked underneath to give them a more parachute, harem trousers effect.

I bought the pants from the thrift store for $1 and the colorful africanesque shirt from the thrift as well for another $1. The dark green cardiganesque sweater was a nice touch to the outfit and was bought for $3 at the thrift. I paired these with one of my favorite pairs of combat boots from Forever 21 that I brought for $49.

I love this outfit! what do you think?

One thought on “Color Me Bad!

  1. Love this choice of outfit. Wow, you are so talented at making such a cohesive outfit! Wish I had that talent!

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