Forget Beyonce, I’m “Drunk In Fashion”

Jeremy Nowell

Jeremy Nowell

A wise woman once sang a song about being “Drunk In Love” while drinking watermelon, of course this wise woman was Beyonce AKA King Bey. I’m a little too young and carefree to know anything about love, but I sure do know what it means to be Drunk In Fashion.

I suppose for me the thing that I love most about fashion is what it ultimately seeks to do; make life more beautiful than it is by making people look and/or feel more beautiful than they otherwise might. But there’s also that part of fashion that seeks to challenge beauty, to change the collective eye and propose new ideas of what beauty can be.

Jeremy Nowell

Jeremy Nowell

The above outfit:

Leather Vest: $5 (Cut the sleeves off of a jacket I brought from the thrift store)

Plaid Shirt: $2 (thrift store)

Leather Pants: $0 (birthday present)

Brown Kombat boots: $24.99 (got them 50% off from Forever 21)

Fur neckwear: $2 (thrift store)

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