July 4 Independence Day

Jeremy Nowell

Jeremy Nowell

Independence day is one for family time, finger licking BBQ and a night full of memories with unforgettable friends.  This day was a eye-wakening experience for me because it was INDEPENDENCE day and I recognized how DEPENDENT I had been. DEPENDENT on people’s opinions, dependent on life to come and work a miracle that I needed to create for myself.

As a recent graduate from college, I’ve been faced with the obstacles of what should I do, work a boring 9 to 5 and complain about how much I hate to anyone with a ear? or should I fight and push for a career that’s just as rewarding financially as it is in the sanity department. I decided the second option.

Jeremy Nowell

Jeremy Nowell

I may not know much, but I know wherever I go, my passion for fashion follows me. When I’m event planning fashion shows or styling models, I feel that I have piece of heaven right here on this place called earth, but too reminiscent of hell.

I want to be happy and to truly be happy I have to let go of those that have hurt me, those that smile in your face but wish the worst for you.

Jeremy Nowell

Jeremy Nowell

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