Tamar Braxton Chicago Concert


Jeremy Nowell

Jeremy Nowell

Tamar came to Chicago on June 6, yes I know I’m just a TAD bit late. I wanted to look bold and I wanted to stand out. I don’t really have anything else to say about this. I had fun, she was about 2.5 hrs late to take the stage, buttttt she slayed. Thanks for a good time Tamar, but really wish it had been Toni instead.

Love Is Like A Dog, But To Leash or Unleash it is the Question


Jeremy Nowell

Jeremy Nowell

Whether it’s a dog’s mesmerizing eyes, its sharp, attention-grabbing bark or the way its backstory pulls at your heart like the tragic ending of Titanic, one thing’s sure, we are all faced with the obstacle of wondering if that dog will be the right fit into our lives. Sounds a lot like love, right? It wasn’t until a recent chitchat with one of my close friends, that I realized love has so many mind-bottling similarities to a dog  and one wrong move could mean a earthshaking tear in your heart or worse, a set of destructive bite marks in your favorite pair of shoes!

It’s no secret that society has a disturbing fixture on an objects outer appearance and we all know that in love and WAR dog adoption, the better looking ones have their shelter cages frequented heavily, but what usually happens after the commitment to that dog turns from causal visiting to a permanent responsibility depends on how good of an owner you are, how well-trained they are and if your tasty doggy treats are good enough for them to keep doing the tricks you taught them.

Jeremy Nowell

Jeremy Nowell

To Leash or Not to Leash

This next lesson is one of major importance. There are those dogs that can run as wild as a kid’s first year at college, but still know where home is and stay loyal. Then, there are those that must be kept on a leash at all times when outside the safety zone known as the four white walls of your bedroom. Why? Because, a they are only loyal to their bone and could care less whether their treats come from you or any stranger walking past.

The key to maintaining these dogs is to have them trained. It is up to you to take in that animal for what they are initially and mold them into the perfect pet. Remember, that a dog, only continues to do tricks if they are motivated, recognized and rewarded for their actions.  Once your man has lived up to your expectations on how a man should treat you, it is okay to reward him with something he likes.

Jeremy Nowell

Jeremy Nowell

Every Dog Needs Compromise

When training an animal, you have to allow the dog to do as it pleases, like by taking it to the dog park to chase its tail for five hours and bark at other dogs that it may feel foolishly threatened by. While all of this may not interest you in the least bit and can grown overwhelmingly tiring, as a good owner you must compromise. If a man is emotionally satisfying your needs, it is only fair to satisfy his.

Jeremy Nowell

Jeremy Nowell

Recognize that training a new puppy takes time and effort. Relationships do not happen overnight. And much like a relationship, it takes time for puppies to learn and mature into the dogs we all know and love.But once you get it right, it’s really right! One day, your dog will learn to listen to you, and eventually, begin to obey commands without even needing a treat. \

Cardigan: $2.00 (Thrift store)

Button-up: $3.00 (thrift store)

Faux leather pants: $20.00 (Ebay)

Sweater Galore!

Jeremy Nowell

Whether it’s stylish, cozy or swanky  sweaters, a good sweater never goes out of style!

Check out this outfit (pictured above), I’m rocking an over-sized 90’s inspired sweater that I purchased from the thrift store for $1.50. The brown parachute pants were also purchased from a thrift for $2.00. I paired these items with $75 black kombat Levi boots and a neutral colored scarf.

Despite it being almost Summer, it’s been pretty chilly lately. So, this week was all about the scarf & sweaters to keep me warm during these frrrrrreezing weather days, but still remaining fashionable while doing so.

What’s your favorite kind of sweater to wear?

Fashion Rules? Forget About Em’

Jeremy Nowell

The best thing about fashion is that it is your own!

I once doubted the clothes I wore because not everyone approved of them. It wasn’t until I learned that my fashion choices are not suited for everyone and that I can’t be put into some one else’s idea of what fashion is because that would mean I’d be wearing baggy jeans, big over-priced T-shirts and other hideous belongings that they felt was appropriate.

Simply put, don’t let anyone dictate your look because then you lose what made the outfit stand out anyways and that’s YOU!

Spring into Style!

Jeremy Nowell

Ever had to go make a quick run, but didn’t want to dress completely down out of hopes that you might run into Mr. or Mrs. Right? well, the solution to this could be dressing up a simple look with cool accessories, boots, glasses and jewelry.

In this outfit (pictured above), I’m rocking a thrift store sweater with Rue 21 jeans, Forever 21 boots, assorted jewelry and a Forever 21 scarf.

I have found that their are basic items every person needs handy in their closet to dress themselves up. These staple items can be pulled together to create a polished look in no time. You don’t even need a personal fashion consultant to pull off these looks or a lot of money!

Follow these 3 tips for your statement of style:

  • A good fitting pair of dark washed denim jeans. This a definite item for your wardrobe because of its versatility. Additionally, dark fitted jeans slenderize a person’s shape and can make almost anything look more sleek.
  •  Scarfs are back, and your wardrobe needs a few. Look for uniquely shaped scarfs or scarfs with color or interesting patterns because they can give any simple outfit pep instantly.
  • Mix and Match clothes. Outfits don’t have to be worn together, just because they were bought as a set. Mix things up a bit. For instance your dark jeans with a short suit jacket.

You don’t have to break the bank to make an outfit look spectacular. Remember, fashion is only as fun as you make it!

Casual Wear For A College Kid’s Affair

newThe bad news is time flies. The good news is your’e the pilot and as the pilot of my plane, I’m basking in the moments leading up to my senior year finals next week…I keep telling myself to inhale and breathe, but I just can’t believe that I am getting ready to graduate in just a few days.

But enough about that and lets get back on the subject of finals! Twas the week before finals, and all through the town. Not a student was drinking, not a frat made a sound. Rare? yes it is, but it’s definitely the truth. Students are camped out in libraries and walking around like zombies in outfits that Joan Rivers would cry about.

It doesn’t matter if the dreadful scent of studying is in the air because there is no reason why students should dress in attire they go to sleep in. Here is a photo (above) of what I wore to class. The grey/pink over-sized tank top was brought from JC Penny’s on sale for $3 a couple months ago when it was still cold outside. I paired this with a grey blazer purchased from the thrift store for $5, some dark blue jean denims from Rue 21 for $7 and grey kombat boots purchased from Forever 21 for $50.

It’s not the amount of money you spend but how you wear it that counts. The key is often to dress up inexpensive basics with accessories.

No matter how you feel, get up, dress up and show up.


Poor Boy, Rich Taste

Classroom Drab, Fashion Fab!

Fashion Blog

She’s wearing that? Oh my, he’s wearing those? We’ve all been there. Fashion trends in college have more OMG moments than Madonna’s controversial career. How many times have you walked on campus and seen students strutting to class in…pajamas? Yes, I said it. I honestly wonder where are the fashion police when you need them.

You are the clothes you wear, which is why the year 2013 holds infinite possibilities for your wardrobe, but first you have to contend with that big fat pile of bad style choices taking up your closet and everyday wardrobe. There is no reason that you shouldn’t dress up everyday because glamour isn’t only reserved for the rich and famous and you never know who you’ll run into. David Beckham or Rihanna at the grocery store? Hey, stranger things have happened.

But if none of these reasons were enough for you then remember,  nothing beats the rush you feel when you look in the mirror and LOVE what you see and I definitely loved my outfit (above photo). I rocked this turquoise blazer, with a peach over-sized vest, dark purple button-up with a striped purple tie. I paired these with some loose fitted baby blue pants.

All of these items were found in the magical land of the thrift store. Can you say fashion on a dime!

Whether you‘re at work or at play, your clothing choices send a message about you–are you sending the one you want?