Tamar Braxton Chicago Concert


Jeremy Nowell

Jeremy Nowell

Tamar came to Chicago on June 6, yes I know I’m just a TAD bit late. I wanted to look bold and I wanted to stand out. I don’t really have anything else to say about this. I had fun, she was about 2.5 hrs late to take the stage, buttttt she slayed. Thanks for a good time Tamar, but really wish it had been Toni instead.


Give A Boy A Fur, He’ll Conquer the World

Jeremy Nowell

Jeremy Nowell

Condolences to PETA, but furs are hitting men’s fashion runways this season harder than Lindsay Lohan hit rock bottom. Of course, before the runways ever declared this massive new look as a trend, stars such as Kanye West, Pharrell and more were the originator’s for this season’s new fad. From bearskin rugs, shawls, hats and neck pieces, there are various ways that fur can be worn. For a recent fashion show that I coördinated, I decided to wear a black fur that would be the signature piece for this all-white outfit.

Jeremy Nowell

Jeremy Nowell

My inspiration for this outfit was definitely Rihanna. During a recent trip to London for fashion week, she wore an all black ensemble with a statement piece of a white fur. She looked so cool so I decided to recreate her look, but in white.

Jeremy Nowell

Jeremy Nowell

I found these glasses, which I call “Lady Gaga Telephone video glasses” inside of a store on Venice Beach during a recent trip to California. They were $10 and I was super excited to find them. These glasses add a certain level of classiness to any outfit!

Jeremy Nowell

Jeremy Nowell

White button-up shirt: Walmart $13

White Skinny jeans: Rue 21 $7

Statement Fur: Banana Republic (purchased from EBAY) $36

Glasses: Venice Beach $10

Fashion for Breakfast!


Jeremy Nowell

Jeremy Nowell

When I wake up in the morning, I tend NOT to have an insatiable taste for toast, eggs or even honey smoked ham, I always have a hunger that only one thing can actually fulfill, fashion. I usually jump out of bed, eagerly dashing to my little piece of heaven on earth, what’s that? My closet!

Jeremy Nowell

Jeremy Nowell

Most of my looks are usually made moments before I’m suppose to walk out of apartment, which usually makes me a tad bit late for whatever appointments, meetings, classes or schedule I previously had. This look was one I adore. I love the colors of green and peach against each other. The caramel colored blazer was a really nice touch added to the outfit.

The peach colored button-up: $2.00 (thrift store)

Blazer: $5.00 (thrift store)

Black penny loafers: $3.00 (Thrift store)

Jeremy Nowell

Jeremy Nowell

My advice to everyone going out is to mix colors that are different. Have fun with it because if you have fun with your style it shows! Plus, who doesn’t like to be noticed when going out with friends or even solo. What do you think about this outfit?

Fashion Rules? Forget About Em’

Jeremy Nowell

The best thing about fashion is that it is your own!

I once doubted the clothes I wore because not everyone approved of them. It wasn’t until I learned that my fashion choices are not suited for everyone and that I can’t be put into some one else’s idea of what fashion is because that would mean I’d be wearing baggy jeans, big over-priced T-shirts and other hideous belongings that they felt was appropriate.

Simply put, don’t let anyone dictate your look because then you lose what made the outfit stand out anyways and that’s YOU!

Express Yourself, Don’t Repress Yourself!



Express yourself, don’t repress yourself. Why? It’s human nature…,

For awhile I found myself screaming quietly, “Get me, get me out of this box, I feel so claustrophobic in here.” This Poor Boy With Rich Taste just got the chance to do just that! GLAM’s “Pop Art” Fashion show was graced by more than 22 models, dazzling in designs created from garbage bags, tissue, newspaper, caution tape and duct tape.

Usually the shows are highly theatrical with dancing, modeling routines, celebrity hosts and acting, but this one was an intimate affair stripped of those things and putting the attention exactly where it belongs, on the fashion.

Usually I don’t rip the runway, however I  was overcome with a desire to express myself that burned brighter than the fear trying to stop my shine. The spotlights hit the runway, as the line behind the stage formed of eager models ready to strut their stuff. My heart was now beating faster than a southern hummingbird’s wings. The time had come…I hit the runway and left any negative thoughts behind me as my feet hit the pavements in a rapid confident pace. It was like eating bucket loads of your favorite guilty pleasured food, but not gaining any weight…price$$.

The scene was “Out of the Box” fashion and I chose to wear the daring outfit pictured above because it’s official, spring is here. Some people may go for the light, airy colors or  shoot for something more bold? For me, I chose this eclectic outfit that was a vibrant mix of colors placed cleverly underneath a cool African printed blazer I found at the thrift store.

This experience taught me that expressing yourself can come in may forms that include but are not limited to art, fashion, writing and more! The outlet chosen for expression does not matter because it takes great courage to be…out of the box. 


Poor Boy, Rich Taste


Rich Colors & Blocking


Do you ever think about what the color of your tie, pants or blouse is really saying?!! in some crazy, subtle way, colors can speak volumes about a person before they ever open their mouths.

This perhaps may be one of the very reasons why color blocking is one of this spring’s hottest fashion trends, and I’m ready to see color galore when the dreary snow and icy winds melt away.

Like for instance, red can be the color of dominance, power and attention. Blue is the color of beauty, pink is the color of compassion and femininity and gold is the color of prestige. Take a look at my outfit above.

While I was getting dressed to go out for dinner with a few close friends at this nice little secluded restaurant we found exploring the town , I decided to spice it up with a pair of strawberry red pants from Forever 21, a blue and white striped belt, a blue collared shirt, paired with a plaid blue shirt worn around my shoulders, and a pair of classic brown canvas boat shoes, which were all purchased from the clothing store Rue 21. 

The rich vibrant shades of color definitely gave me a bit more confidence when I stepped out on the town and now I challenge you to do the same. Put your best foot forward in a outfit that would be a color blockers dream and post it below!

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