What is it about a person you see in a crowd & think to yourself, “I love their style”?

jeremy nowellWhat is it about that person you see in a crowd and think to yourself “They look great” or “I love their style”? Fashion is all about having fun because after all it is just clothes! I’m the example of changing my look up and never being held down to just one specific look. Sometimes I dress as edgy as Steven Tyler in an Aerosmith music video, while other days I’m as tame as Britney Spears in her “Baby One More Time” days.

One thing that I always manage to do, no matter the style chosen, is look good in outfits that are eye-catching and a great fit to my personality and body type. In this daring look (photographed above) I rocked some plaid red skinny jeans, a royal blue top, and a blazer that I studded up (all of which came from the thrift store). my killer rocker boots, which I purchased from K-mart a year ago for $14.

Here are a few tips I on how to dress edgy:

  1. Live on the edge. Do things even if the result may be consequential. Have fun! Life is short; live it to the fullest. Be carefree! Well not entirely; worry about things like grades, family problems, and your peers.
  2. Don’t care about what other people think about you. Who really cares what the “popular” crowd thinks? If they make fun of you, just smile and walk away.
  3. Dress edgy. Dressing edgy shouldn’t make you look like every girl out there. Being edgy, along with it’s care-free message, means you should dress uniquely. A lot of things you should have are leather, converse, and boots. Use bright, bold colors to your style.
  4. Accessories. Try wearing long chains (gold or silver), bangles, bulky jewelry etc. For shoes, pairing up original black converse, (not Mono black converse. Mono black converse are the all black converse.
  5. Extra pointers: If you need a little assistance, have no fear! Search up Taylor Momson, Rihanna or any other edgy star. their new style is considered edgy. The way they dress should give you an idea of what edgy should look like.

One thought on “What is it about a person you see in a crowd & think to yourself, “I love their style”?

  1. We love this post! We totally agree, fashion is all about self expression and doing your own thing without caring too much how others will react.
    Love your fabulous style, thank you for linking to our blog!
    xx Vera & Rony

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